When we combine technology and modern machinery with a tradition that goes back beyond our centuries-old olive trees, the best result is obtained.

25,000 olive trees make up our olive grove 10,000 of them centenarians located on terraces with altitudes of 700 to 900 meters above sea level mostly empeltre and arbequina but with 20% of native and national varieties.

We elaborate 100,000 Kg per campaign of the best extra virgin olive oil that our mountain olive trees can offer us.

We are our best customers being the biggest consumers of our own production so we know what we are talking about when we want to transfer to the rest of the world what we understand by quality.

Our experience, work and the best care for a product that we consume with our families in our homes.

Oleva Aceite Iberico Virgen Extra

For the most demanding palates we have prepared one of our prepared one of the
more exquisite mixtures of a careful selection of olives.

Available in 0.25 and 0.50 liters format for national gourmet use and export.

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